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The services I provide are intended to support or accelerate the achievement of your goals. Whether that is by providing objectivity, leadership, expertise, training or operational guidance, I will be your partner in achieving your desired end result.

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Change Management – Healthcare
Laboratorians are change experts. With the constant and vast changes that have impacted clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories since CLIA ’88 was enacted, the laboratory has been instrumental in utilizing Lean processes and practices to fine-tune testing while ensuring high-quality test results efficiently and expediently. Working in a laboratory keeps you on your toes, whether you are ensuring laboratorians stay current on processes and licensure, creating or expanding an outreach program, or guaranteeing service-level agreements within the healthcare enterprise are met, the laboratory is positioned to help other areas of healthcare change.

Clinical Laboratory
With my experience as a generalist in the clinical laboratory (all departments, all shifts), and my extensive knowledge pertaining to information systems, I understand the unique challenges presented in the laboratory. An abbreviated list of how I may help your laboratory includes:

  • Training and development of new processes and procedures, or with new information systems
  • Lean implementation to eliminate unnecessary or duplicated processes or operations
  • Public health reporting
  • Outreach program development and marketing
  • Selection process for new analyzers
  • Identification of return on investment for new testing
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

Laboratory Information Systems
The last 15+ years of my career have been dedicated to ancillary information applications or systems, most significantly clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory systems. With CAP estimating that more than 70% of a patient’s clinical health record is either laboratory results or decisions based upon laboratory results, the laboratory as a whole has a significant impact on patient care. In relation to laboratory-related information systems, I have the ability to assist you with:

  • Request for proposal (RFP) development, use, and decision making
  • Training development, encompassing both material and personnel development
  • Information system assessment, encompassing both Federal regulatory requirements and facility-based workflow requirements (which may also include state-based regulatory requirements)
  • Requirements analysis, both business and functional, for internal or external project requests and development
  • Design of reports (inclusive of patient and management reports) to support business processes or outreach reporting

LOINC(R) was created in 1994 and was declared the nomenclature to be used with clinical laboratory results in the Meaningful Use – Stage 1 requirements for numeric and short text results, inclusive of public health reporting. While LOINC(R) was created as a laboratory construct, it extends deeper into healthcare data via clinical observations (e.g. vital signs, hemodynamics, imaging, and survey instruments). While at Healthland, I participated in the Laboratory Interoperability Cooperative (LIC) to implement secure portal messaging of reportable public health patient and result information from the hospital to the Minnesota Department of Health. I provide the following services regarding LOINC(R) and SNOMED CT(R):

  • Basic training of LOINC(R) and RELMA(R) – inclusive of Meaningful Use – Stage 1 and 2 menu set objectives
  • Guidance and recommendations pertaining to developing and maintaining your LOINC(R) mappings for the clinical laboratory
  • LOINC(R) mapping for your clinical laboratory results
  • SNOMED CT(R)¬†mapping in support of electronic laboratory resulting (ELR) for public health reporting

If you are wondering if you need assistance on any of the topics listed above, or have a need other than listed above, please complete the Contact form including a high-level summary of your request and we will work together to determine your needs and timeline, and how I can be of assistance.

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